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Beautiful, Functional, &

Eclectic* .......

  We categorize our design style as “beautiful, functional and

eclectic.” We always say that we “love to incorporate color 

into our designs and enjoy mixing classic and coastal design

styles”. WE think of it this way ... when styles collide,

originality explodes. That’s the whole idea behind Myrtle Beach

Graphic Design work. It’s not anyone’s style but yours! We can

give you so many unique and interesting ideas and expressions

to make your style your own. So go ahead and give us those

mixed-up styles and mash up those looks to make up your own

rules on your way to finding a style that’s yours and yours alone.

And above all, have fun with it! 

  Eclectic doesn’t have to mean over-the-top expensive. Sometimes it can channel a cool, laid-back look that’s anything but expected. The Key? A Smoothing color scheme and lots of personality-packed accents. 
Myrtle Beach Graphic Design


*Eclectic   ec·lec·tic /iˈklektik/ adjective adjective: eclectic; adjective: Eclectic 1.deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.
Myrtle Beach Graphic Design